Unit 7 - Utilities

We  used to have our fresh water from Gwndwn - the well  is  still there  fenced in.  The water came down from the well to a  reservoir  that  you  can see today - it is under  the  road  opposite Cefntrefor Bach and a little higher up under the wall there is a well  and that is where the houses around there had their  water.  There  was only Fron Yw then and Cefntrefor Bach.  In  summer  we were always short of water and they had water from Esgairolwyn  - I  think it was in the thirties.  We used to carry water when  we were  short,  from the back of Brontrefor; there is  an  old  cave there  and they built a dam to keep the water in and it  was  alright  for washing.  I can remember, when I was in  school  there was  a lot of houses without water and they had to carry it  from the  station road - there was a little cupboard in the  wall  the other side of Gwenda's Garage and a tap.  The old people used  to carry  water for drinking from the well at Cae Bran this side  of the Caravans and I heard my mother saying that she and her mother carried  the clothes this side of Stabal Mail and washed them  in the little stream and dried them on the rocks.  They did the same in Soar as well as there is a pool in the river under Soar and it is called Llyn Ysgoldy.

The  electricity  came to the village in the early  thirties  and before  that  we had paraffin lamps and candles and  we  had  old lanterns  made with cornbeef tins and a candle in it with a  wire as  a handle and also we made lanterns with a big swede and  made it like a face, it did look like a man's face with a candle in  it, as  it was hollow inside.  You had only the light of  the  houses and  shops to see your way around at night but there was  a  lamp post  by the school and in the station yard and one  opposite  the Ship, but I can only remember light on the station  and of  course it was paraffin.

Sanitation  was very bad and in Bryn Street they had dry  lavatories  - they were a good way up the gardens it was called Tan yr Allt and shared by a few house.  The waste water in the old time used to run to the ditch that is behind the Ship and before  they did  the parking I opened the gate that was where the entrace  to the  parking is now and with Harry Jones we found the old pipe  a few  feet  down.   I can remember John Edwards  and  another  man digging  in our garden to put the new sewerage it must have  been during the first war, there were no works then - it went straight to  the cut on the Harlech side of the Station.  In  later  years there  was a court case and after that they built  the  sewerage works in the field under the school, that was after the war about 1947  and  they connected the new Council houses that  they  were building at Gwndwn and they had to blast through the rocks in the Gelli.  They followed the path down to the back of the Motel.   I often  think that the ditch that is behind the Ship has  been  neglected,  as  there must be waste water still running to  it  from some  of  the houses and of course all the water that  runs  down from  Tremeifion and Ty Mawr on the road goes behind  the  Church and  finds its way to the ditch.  I'm sure somebody  should  take responsibility to open it.