Unit 5 - Tree Felling and Growing Potatoes

During the first World War there was a lot of trees cut down and I  can remember `Gwinllan' Penbryn.  There was a lot of Scotch Fir  there and also oak and ash.  They carried them down with big bogeys and two  or  three horses pulling them to the station  to  be  loaded away.  There was another `Winllan' opposite my old allotment that was  cut down as well - this was called Winllan  Bach  Tremeifion and  the Penbryn one was called Winllan Goch.  Coed Ty  Mawr  was cut  down  as well; this was this side of Stabal  Mail  where  the little  stream runs.  They did a lot of cutting in Soar  as  well under clogwyn Gwyn, and Cae Bran was cut down as well as  Winllan Rhosigor  and  a  fire destroyed a lot of trees  there  in  later years.   I  would like to mention Coed Ty Mawr as my  mother  was telling  me that the coal merchant that lived in the  Briws  when she was a little girl,  kept his horse on the flat ground near  the stream and I have noticed that there is a mark on the wall  where the gate was. 

John Jones, Capel Fawnog was one of the first with new potatoes and he was a very good gardener and worked for  Lord Harlech  at y Glyn.  Lewis Owen, Llety used to be very  early  as well  and  he used to sell his potatoes in the village  and  his brother  Humphrey Owen, Draenogau used to take a load of  carrots and swede to Blaenau to sell and I can remember the carrots  were 3 pence a bundle and the swede a penny.  It must have taken him a whole  day with his horse and cart.  Another good  carrot  grower was  William  Hughes, Glasfryn, he used to say that  his  carrots were as big as your arm.