Unit 2 - Kelt Edwards


I remember Kelt Edwards, the well known Artist who  lived in Cei Newydd, coming there one evening and he challenged the men that were there that he could boil water in a paper kettle and he made a kettle with paper, filled it with water and put a candle under it, and I could prove it myself that the water boiled, as I was there.   He also scratched a Red Dragon on the wall  with a pocket  knife; it was a shame to cover it up as it was nearly up to the ceiling. 

Kelt002 Kelt003


Kelt as we called him, used to paint the name of the houses above the doors and he was so clever that he would always paint little birds  in his work.  He was a sick man but had  travelled  Europe and  when he came back to London he opend a Studio there but one day, when he was feeling very downhearted, Ramsey Macdonald, who at that time worked as a journalist, came in and helped Kelt to sell his painting.


When he was in Cei Newydd he had a letter froim Leeds asking  him to  do a job in front of a big shop.  He answered by  saying  "No more work this side of the Jordan".