The New Community Centre

The New Hall

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Following the decision to build on the site of the primary school the committee undertook straight away to submit and application to the lotteries commission for a grant, but our first application was turned down because a full business plan was not as required. We submitted an amended application but this was also refused. We realised that to be successful we would have to completely rethink our strategy and rewrite the whole application, - many months work. We also visited many homes in the area with questionnaires asking the public for their views on what they would like incorporated in the new hall. In the meantime a fund raising effort was put underway with and event held every month. An appeal to the public in the Talsarnau area raised £8000, and over a four year period over £40,000 was raised towards the project, a fantastic sum for such a small rural area.

The new application was submitted to the lotteries board, the hall officials were grilled on its contents by the case officer, and on the 7th of May 1999, the good news arrived that we were to receive £270,000 towards the cost of building the new hall. An extra £63,000 was received from the Gwynedd Community Chest, and with other lesser sums, and our own fund, we proceeded with the work. The tender was won by Wigglesworth Builders and the whole scheme was managed by our architect Morris Jones.

The exciting day came in February 2001, when the first sod was cut, and the work proceeded immediately, and despite the minor problems and difficulties, normal in a building project of its size, the new hall was ready for the official opening on the 12th of April 2002.