More and more defibrillator machines are being made available in public places because they do save lives. The machines are easy to use and no specialist training is necessary. In rural areas one could argue that the need for such machines is so much more.

It was agreed im the Neuadd Gymuned Committee on 29th February that obtaining a defibrillator to be placed in a convenient spot within the village would be a worth while thing to do.

We therefore hope to start an appeal to raise funds to the sum of £2000. It would be commendable if the various clubs, societies and the chapels / church could organise events to support the appeal. Individual contributions would obviously be very much appreciated as well.

Maybe there will never be any use for such a machine in our community, but if it saved one life, then the effort would be a worthy one.

More information will be available shortly. Contact number: Mai Jones 01766 770757