Together We Sing

Together We Sing - Choir from Estonia  and Cana Mi Gei

 Cor Estonia a Cana Mi Gei (800x598) 3


An evening was organised at Neuadd Talsarnau Thursday evening 25th June 2015 when a Ladies Choir from Estonia who are visiting the area shared a program with our local ladies choir Cor Cana Mi Gei - who are because of their musical talents making a name for themselves. Phil Mostert was the compere and in his own unique way managed to convey some of the introductions in more that the usual two languages. The two choirs presented a variety of songs and the audience were enthralled by their singing. There was a contrast in the dresses worn by the two choirs -  the Estonia Choir in their light coloured dresses whilst Cor Cana Mi Gei were in their striking black. Although their dresses contrasted in colour, there was no marked difference in the enjoyment they gave to the audience. The program was enjoyed by all present.

In these days of conflict throughout the world, it is wonderful that music and singing is condusive to bringing people from different countries together in friendship. We hope and wish that these peaceful events that bring people from different countries  together will continue.

We thank everybody who were involved in organising this event.