Old Gravestone at Llanfihangel y Traethau

Gravestone at Llanfihangel

The Church of Llanfihangel y Traethau

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At one time the rivers Glaslyn and Dwyryd met not far from Llanfihangel Church and ran into the sea along Morfa Harlech. It is said that it was in this period that the church was built to try and convert the habitants of Ynys to be Christians. What is stated to be correct, however, is that the Church was built with close connection to the parish of Llandecwyn about the middle of the 12th century. Saint Tecwyn came to this area and established a church where Llandecwyn Church stands today. There is no other church in Wales that is dedicated to Saint Tecwyn.

Adjacent to the main entrance to Llanfihangel Church there is an interesting, very old head-stone that has drawn much publicity in the past because it dates back to 1150. These are the Latin words inscribed upon it:

             HI (c) EST SEPULECRU (m) WLEDER MAT(r) IS            

           ODELU Q (n) IP (r) EDIVICAV (it) HANC EC (c)      L (esi) A (ni) IN TE (m) P (a) R (a) R (e) EWINI REG (is).

What the words mean – ‘This is where the body of Wleder, the mother of Odeleu rests, who first built this church during the time of King Owain.’ Nobody knows about either Wleder or Odeleu but King Owain is better known as Owain Gwynedd.

This stone is important for three reasons:

a.  It denotes the period when the church was first built.

b.  This is the only stone of its type in the county of Meirionnydd and there are only ten of its kind in Wales.

c.   It’s a present day record of a famous person in Welsh history

( We thank Mathew John Jones for his permission to include the above text)